These DVDs are most valuable and we can only pray that many eyes will be open to the error and delusion that abounds. We thank God for those who can get out the Bible truth in all it's clarity.

T.B. Gt. Bookham, Surrey .

Thank you for the DVDs and being able to talk to you on the phone, it's been encouraging for me, your ministry is very important in these days of apostasy in which we live.

A. W. Dartford , Kent .

Thank you very much for the “Spirit of Truth & Spirit of Error” and “Judge Not” by Jacob Prasch DVDs which you so kindly sent me. They will be used immediately and sent on to Scotland & Germany , I'm very grateful to you for making these available.

J.W. Battersea, London

Thank you so much for the DVDs on the “Age of the Earth” I found them so helpful and many questions I had, such as Dinosaurs when were they here etc, answered! They are really good. I am finding the way I am thinking has been changed and I'm seeing a much bigger picture. Thank you for helping me see with fresh insight.

I.Q. Bedford

I was absolutely thrilled to receive the last DVD by (Church & Stearman) special issue, all the more so because I've been unwell over the last two months. Your DVDs are a real inspiration to me they open up parts of the Bible which I had not understood before.

M.R. Dorking

I really enjoyed the last DVD. Can I present to you my heart please, I have two friends Tom & Catharine who when they watched the Jacob Prasch testimony “Come let us Reason together” Decided that they needed to become Christians. I would be grateful if possible to give more copies away, so many would be blessed.

M.R Portsmouth

I thank God for both of you Brothers for the DVD lectures that you have given. I received the CDs last week and it was a great blessing to me. I have some Pastor friends here in the Philippines that are willing also to have a copy of some lectures that you have sent. May God Continue to use you in the field of harvest

R. N. Philippines

Dear Don & Dave, Thank you for the DVDs & for your work, please could you send me the following ------------. When we have finished with the DVDs we will put them in the Christian bookshop for lending out. It will be wonderful to share them with the English speaking brothers & sisters here in Lanzarote.

J.S. Spain

Thank you for replacing the DVD “A Place Prepared of God”. I am showing it to my open side prison group Friday and to my closed side next Tuesday afternoon.

I am most grateful to you for this wonderful and greatly needed ministry the state of the Church today is horrendous. The apostasy and falling away is unbelievable – who would have thought ten years ago that we would see the mainline churches joining hands with Rome ! Where is the discernment?

C.K. Wetherby

Hi thanks Don, I will order from your site. It's like escaping to another world listening to the ones already seen. You have no idea what a blessing they are to us as we normally sit through wishy washy sermons. Jacob Prasch is a Paul of our times.

M & B. Yorkshire

Dear Dave, Thanks for the DVDs. Just been looking at them, you'll be pleased to know my Pastors have taken some they also want to start to use my place for some meetings. I am looking forward to the time when they recognise the importance of Israel .

N.W. Newport

Thanks for all your help in spending a lot of time doing those DVDs and I pray that God will keep blessing the work, all the folk that I speak to are very thankful indeed for the work that you are doing.

L.T. Wigan

Hi guys, am passing the DVDs around, but have found it's not really my Christian brothers & sisters who are interested but rather those that are not yet Christians who are interested in watching them, which is just awesome. Which ever way God wants to do it is fine by me. Thank you again so much God is teaching me so quickly.

J.W. Bideford

Many, many thanks for sending us the DVDs I know I shall be blessed and challenged as we watch them. We do thank God for this ministry of yours and pray that he will continue to use you in many different areas, Bringing the truth of God's word to anyone with ears to hear.

J & T. Normandy

Thank you for the April news letter these are of great encouragement to me. One feels much that we are of a different mind & spirit from most “Christian people”. I do take my opportunities but are they falling on deaf ears? However the DVDs are circulating as far as the Outer Hebrides & New England. I can't thank you enough for getting God's word to us.

N.L. Scotland

Hi Dave, Don & the Team. Greetings from Kenya in the name of Jesus our Lord.

This night I'm glad to graduate in the school of meat instead of continued milk. After receiving the 2009 catalogue of the free DVD service, my faith has already increased for the teachings I have been craving for and I'm trusting in God for such wonderful material, all the glory goes to God for using you for his kingdom.

Br. E.O.A. Kenya

Shalom in Christ, May our Lord Jesus Christ keep giving you all blessings as you do this work for his kingdom, I have to say that I feel very blessed by the work that you guys are doing! I've leaned so much & am also giving details of the site to friends & hope that they will be blessed as I am in using teachers like J. Prasch, K. Hovind,

C. Missler & many other Sound Doctrine Teachers.

C. B. Australia

When I take leave of this prison, I will carry on board a rich knowledge obtained from the DVDs sent, among them the “Spirit of Truth & the Spirit of Error”

( J. Prasch), “Passover Meal & It's Meaning”, (Dr. A.Fruchtenbaum) “Biblical Separation” (David Cloud) & many more to come. Above all every thing I am learning on the DVDs means God requires an account of us & the life we live and have lived. Like the Prophets, they speak on behalf of God to me, I pray His message will not be in vein!

D.C.N. Max. Prison, Kabwe. Zambia

Dear David & Don, Just to thank you both for the Dr. Jerry Vines DVD (Special Issue). What wonderful fervour and enthusiasm he has! We need preachers like that here. Oh and again thank you for the DVDs - especially for John Ankerberg's “A study of Hell” one of the best and most important sermons I've ever heard!

R.C. London